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The Lord Buddha

Buddhism was born in Lumpini, southern Asia (Jambul Dwipa) about 2,500 years ago through Prince Siddhartha who left his royal lifestyle to discover the real Truth of Life and the Universe ( The Noble Truths) which radically changed the beliefs of the time which was heavily influenced by ancient deities, beliefs in magic and miracles under Brahmanism. Buddhism successfully emerged and outshined Brahmanism through its teachings and conversions spreading throughout the region from India to China, and prospered for 1700 years, until its decline in its place of birth due to lack of royal support and political influences.

What brought about the decline of Buddhism in India? What were the key factors? Our documentary on “Following the Footsteps of the Lord Buddha”, will take you back in time to the Buddha’s era, the birth and spread of Buddhism, one of the world’s leading religions, to its fall and decline in its birthplace in India. Along the way you will discover and learn the Life of the Lord Buddha, the Path of Buddhism, the Noble Truths, and the Enlightenment.

This documentary is based on 6 years’ research and 2 years of filming to produce a historical piece as well as a valuable reference to the Life of the Lord Buddha, his human hardships, his determination and dedication to find the True Path and finally to his teachings of the Noble Truths. It is hoped that this knowledge will encourage and motivate Thais to strongly follow and keep alive the path of Buddhism in this country, and to live a good life under the “ Dharma”, in tranquility, good health, and contentment. It is also the objective to teach the “Dharma” and its values to the world so that they may experience and share this religion to make this into a better world.

บรรดาสาวกของพระกฤษณะ 001เณรน้อยสนใจกล้องของช่างภาพที่ลาดัก ถ่ายทำวัดฮินดูในโกลกาต้า Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 2.20.35 PM